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Produce higher quality products in less time.

Efficiently improve uptime, processes and OEE with real-time machine data
Collect data from anywhere in your factory and use built-in real-time analytics to increase productivity and yield higher quality components that meet regulatory requirements in less time. Receive actionable insights within 30 minutes of installation to cut production costs and reduce downtime, without any equipment overhauls or updates.

Reclaim control of your production


Have an overview of your production lines immediately with our plug-and-play solution.  


Collect data from anywhere in your factory and use built-in analytics to decrease downtime.


Proactively manage your production KPIs with immediate actionable insights. Make improvements to your OEE instantly to reduce the amount of rejected batches, product defects, and losses during production. 

How it works


Step 1

Factbird® collects data from sensors


Step 2

The data gets sent to a secure cloud server directly via Wi-Fi or mobile network


Step 3

The Blackbird Application analyzes and visualizes the data in the cloud


Step 4

You can see the data on a secure web-based user interface on your smartphone, tablet,  and PC in real time and use it to improve your production lines.

Customer success stories

Up and running in 30 minutes

With Blackbird, Swedish Match was able to increase their OEE almost immediately upon installation. Within 30 minutes of use, they were able to track the number of units produced, and which products were running on each line. Using this data, Swedish Match was able to identify bottlenecks to reduce downtime losses and their effect on the company's profitability. 

Improved output by 14 %

Royal Unibrew installed the first Factbird on their production line in just two hours. After just two weeks, the Blackbird data analytics and the improvement suggestions provided enabled the Royal Unibrew team to  improve output by 14 percent.

Automating manual processes

The operators used to register everything manually at Xellia Pharmaceuticals. Installing Factbirds on their production lines made it possible for operators to register stop causes on a computer or an iPad, making KPI tracking exponentially easier.

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Batch performance tracking

Display a real-time batch dashboard on the factory floor, so everyone can see the performance of the batch according to target.

  • See if you are behind or ahead of the batch target
  • Check the OEE of current batch
  • Identify the biggest issues that caused downtime in batches

Downtime analysis

Simplify the process for factory floor workers by butting out tedious manual information entry and easily communicate stop causes. This way, managers can easily analyze enriched data with built in reporting to tackle the most crucial bottlenecks, and then make a value adding action plan.

  • Identify reason for downtime and stops
  • Monitor what's happening on the line 24/7
  • Identify biggest stop causes
  • Determine changeover time
  • See how long and when each stop cause is happening

OEE Calculator

You can visually understand each measurement of your machine's output, and take action to increase the OEE

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