May 11, 2023

Feature highlight: Shift Schedule

Blackbird makes it possible to schedule production shifts using the line scheduler.

Why use shifts?

Shifts are useful because it allows operators and managers to view progress during a shift using the shift dashboard:

Additionally, shifts can be used to filter data in the Analytics tab:

Or, to see the OEE of a single shift:

How to schedule shifts

Each shift is a yellow block - an event in the scheduler below:

Access the scheduler

To access the scheduler, go to the line you want the shift on and open up the right menu and click “schedule:

Create and edit shifts

  1. To create a new shift press on the timeslot you want the shift to start:

2.  Enter the name and set the time range for the shift:

3) To edit or delete an existing shift click it to show the delete and edit buttons:

  1. Changes can be saved in two ways:
  • “Create a schedule only for this week” will only save the changes for the current week. This is useful when there are exceptions to the normal schedule
  • “Start new schedule” will repeat the schedule every week going forward, thereby becoming a new standard schedule

Import schedules from other lines

If you have several lines that you want to run on the same schedule you can use another line’s schedule as a template.

  1. Press “Import schedule”:

2) Select the line you wish to use as a template.

Please note that future modifications to the referenced line (above ”New Demo Line”) will not automatically sync to lines that have used it as a template.

  1. After pressing “import” the schedule will be saved as a new standard going forward, overwriting the existing schedule. Future changes made to the schedule will not affect the schedule that was used as a template. Similarly, no changes on the original schedule that was used as a template will affect the lines that have used it as a template.

Set weekly OEE targets

Weekly OEE targets can be set if necessary. These will be shown as targets in the OEE tab.

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