Factbird View:
Enhance your production data with video

Watch what happened on your line anywhere anytime.

  • Factbird View’s video images bring a complete picture of your production, and you can watch them anytime from anywhere on your smartphones, tablets and PC.
  • No need to guess why the line stopped, just click on the datapoint and watch the video. No need to sit at a control room to watch the screen
  • Factbird View works independently from your existing system.
  • Setup only requires a power outlet, the internet and an hour of installation time. No need to integrate with a SCADA or HMI system to install Factbird View.

How it works

Factbird View collects video images from a network camera and sends them constantly to Cloud server, where video images are synced with your production data and archived minute by minute. Video can be viewed anytime on your phone, tablets and PC.

You can see how the production is running on a graph (number of units produced, etc.), and click on any point to see that moment on video. You can see what happened just now, or what led up to that big stop last week.

When production has an unexpected stop, video from fact bird View helps you find out what happened. You can also watch remotely to see the production status, and prepare a changeover or staffing of next batch.

The Advantages
  • No need to wonder what happened at the process unit. Instead you can just see it and efficiently diagnose the problem.
  • You can share the video with others such as an external expert for further analysis.
  • You can access to the view of hard-to-see-areas in production sites, which the operators can't see.
  • You can check the video remotely to see the production status to prepare a changeover or staffing for next batch, so that you can minimize idle machine time.

Case 1

Get a complete picture of your production process for your analyses

Challenge: You can only see the consequence after line stopped.

A customer has a packaging line, which consists of various processes with many human interactions to assure stable line operation. The facility is highly automated, but there are many stops that cause downtime and productivity decline. The line operators can only see what happened: “a flow pack often falls off from the conveyor belt and causes jam.” This is missing information about “HOW” the pack falls off the conveyor belt, though there are theories: “due to the humidity?”, “failure of suction of robot arm?” etc.

Solution: You can watch and analyze what EXACTLY happened- and improve the production process.
Factbird View documents the video images of your production process 24 hours per day. Watch the video images of any moment you need- since images are all archived minute by minute in Cloud server. You can also replay and share the video for further analysis to solve the problems.

The production data graph shows when the line stops and the video images show how a flow pack hit the metal frame below the robot arm and falls off. This could not have been seen without Factbird View, because it has happened above the conveyor belt and out of operator’s sight, also because the operators cannot stand by the line all-day to catch when it happens.

With Factbird View, efficiently make precise analysis of the problem with video images.

More application: Factbird View as historical data archive
If you receive complaints or damage reports from your customers few months after delivery of the goods, you can go to Factbird History page and watch what happened during a specific period on a specific batch to verify how it happened. You can analyze and report back to customers, or advise suppliers for countermeasures, etc.

Case 2

Remotely monitor your production to efficiently react incidents

Challenge: Operators spend a lot of time on walking to the shop floors.

A customer has a big facility- where productions are automated and a Production Manager is responsible for monitoring production status to achieve stable and seamless operations. When there is an unexpected stop on the line or variation on the process, the production manager asks operators to go down to the shop floor and try to see what happened to solve the issue. Operators often end up with walking back and forth to deal with incidents on the production line.

Solution: You can watch the video images to determine ways to deal the incidents without travelling to the shop floors.
Factbird View documents the video images of your production minute by minute. When there is any incident on your production line, you can watch the video images to verify what happened from your smartphones, tablets or desktop PC. It allows you to analyze problems and abnormal situations, and determine ways to handle it without traveling to the site.

You can know what you should bring when you walk out to the shop floor. Or you can call the field technicians to solve the problem, or share the video image to offsite specialists for initial diagnosis without travelling to the shop floor.

With Factbird View, avoid costly hours of traveling to the shop floor.
Efficiently react to the incident at the production site. 

Factbird View can be adapted easily with static or flexible cameras depending on your needs