September 30, 2021

User story – Factbird View for Easier Downtime Analysis

One of the customers, who got inspired by a videoclip from the Blackbird LinkedIn post, decided to use Factbird View video solution for his production facility. He had been looking for a video monitoring solution for a while, however many video solutions are very expensive and requires complex installation. His primary need was to monitor one of his bottleneck lines to find out the root causes, thus he did not want to roll out a big project just for this one line. Furthermore, he needed to do it quickly, as the bottleneck was causing critical delay in delivering products.

The Factbird View seemed to be the right solution for him- The solution is quite cheap without compromising on quality, and the installation can be done very fast without having to change the existing set-up in the shopfloor. Furthermore, he could try the solution free of charge to evaluate whether it gave him value or not, before making the purchasing decision.

After installing the first unit, he got a live video of the production combined with production statistics on production stops and problems on the production line. His understanding of what caused downtime became much clearer with the video clips. Seeing is believing! The customer can easily go to a specific time and see what happened on the video clip. He does not have to sit and watch the streaming video constantly. With the Blackbird solution, he knows when his production stops, and he can play and watch the video of it.

In other words, you can watch a whole night’s production by jumping from event to event, and thus get a very quick overview on what the problems are and how you can improve

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