April 28, 2021

New Function (System II): Data Cleaning

Do you sometimes find yourself in the situation when cleaning the line, that the sensor counts your movements? Have you wrongfully placed the sensor on your line? Are there other unexpected movements on your line disturbing your data?

Many of our customers find themselves in these situations. Previously this wrongfully collected data would affect your OEE and statistics and often users had to correct the data by manually extracting the data from Blackbird and manipulate it in Excel. Now you can manipulate your data in Blackbird to get rid of these spikes or missing data - through data cleaning. 

How to:

To use the new feature, navigate to the sensor tab of a line. Here you should select the sensor that have the miscounted data and zoom in on the desired time. In the right corner you will see a new blue button named “Override”. Click this button to open the Override dialog.

Create override will now show you the time range which the override will take effect in. You must enter a value of produced units during the total time range selected – if you enter 0 there will be a stop. The person making the override will have to enter his/hers initials and a comment of why the override has been done. It is also possible to make this function available only for a group of users, e.g. managers only. If you after the override realize that the data were indeed correct – you can click the red field showing and remove the override – your original data collected will then be back. The data cleaning function makes it easy to change wrongful data and always keep your data correct. 

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