January 27, 2021

New Function (System II): Consolidated OEE

Are you running several lines in your factory? Do you have multiple factories producing the same product? Have you ever wondered how they are all performing?

We previously introduced the third of manufacturing excellence, OEE. Where we explained how the stop cause registration is the base for the OEE analysis, and in the Blackbird system the OEE are calculated automatically in real time. If you need a recap, click here (LINK). The OEE analysis visualizes what is impacting the total availability time and gives an indication of how you can improve the efficiency. On Blackbird System II, OEE analysis can be enhanced by connecting multiple sensors to a line, meaning that you can connect multiple sensors to create a line. For example, you can use a sensor to count the number of productions on a line and you can add a scrap sensor to the line, so that OEE will be calculated with the number of scraps from the sensor.

OEE is a basic performance measurement for a production machine. However, if you are running multiple lines or have different factories in different locations, and you want to see how they are performing all together, or by products, machines, or countries – you can.

On the Blackbird system, each line has its OEE which you can use to analyse a machine’s OEE. On top of that, Blackbird can calculate multiple lines’ OEE altogether. By grouping the lines, you can see what the OEE is for all your production sites. Grouping lines also allows you to see the consolidated OEE by products, machine, countries, or any group you like. You can compare OEE among factories or among products to analyse and allocate resources more efficiently.

Imagine, there are several sensors measuring various parameters in your factory. Multiple sensors compose a line, multiple line compose a group on the Blackbird system. Blackbird connects all the sensors and analyses multiple data from various sensors to give you more precise and reliable information. 

This is how to use the Consolidated OEE function

By clicking the hamburger icon, you can see the navigation bar and navigate to the consolidated lines. Here you can view consolidated OEE of your lines, based on the groups you have created (to create groups, you click “Administration” And “Groups” tab). 

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