March 24, 2021

New Function (System II): Changeover Tracking

Changeover Tracking allows you to precisely track your changeover performance, by setting targets that can take the specific parameters of the products into consideration. The Blackbird system makes it easy for your company to keep focusing on continuous improvement and optimizing your production. Are you already registering the stop causes on the Blackbird system? Do you track the performance of your batches? Then you are already in good shape to continuously improve your production. Stop cause analytic helps you to analyze your downtime by category or by type over certain period. However, if you are running batch base production, you may want to pay more attention to how to improve your changeover time – one of the biggest contributors for Non-operating time in OEE.

Changeover is necessary downtime in the batch production, and it varies depending on the batch in production and which it changes to. Blackbird has therefore launched a new function to help you improve on this area: Changeover Tracking. 

You can monitor ongoing changeover’s progress on a flatscreen by using the Batch dashboard e.g. how many minutes is left to complete a changeover.  You can also monitor changeovers over time to analyze how each stage of the changeover are being performed, and if there is any correlation between good results and the shift. If you can see a trend, you can use this to improve performance, and get clarity whether this is related to the product or if some operators have better practices. Good practices can then be shared to the rest and inspire them to make a better day.

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Batch dashboard

View each changeover in the Analytics

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