January 27, 2021

New Function – Various Cameras Connect to the Factbird Production Data

Watch what happened on your production line anywhere anytime

Factbird View is an option for Factbird, which allows us to watch videos of your production. Some customers are using Factbird View to analyse issues on their lines e.g., to place a camera on the bottleneck where the carton boxes often get jammed – to see how the issue happened and to see how to improve. Other customers are using it to monitor their production machines on their shopfloor where it runs by itself without any operators in presence unless there is an issue.

Factbird View connects a standard camera via USB or HDMI, which gives great flexibility to utilize the Factbird. Depending on what the customers want to achieve, they can connect a Webcam, GoPro or other cameras with a USB or HDMI. If you want to know more about the specifics you can click here to read the data sheet about Factbird View.   

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