June 15, 2022

Process Optimization in Manufacturing for the Beverage Industry: Blackbird visits CO-RO!

We were so excited to have a company trip out to one of our customers, CO-RO, to experience Blackbird’s contribution to their efforts in process optimization in manufacturing! 

Sunquick, Sun Lolly, Suntop, and Suncola are staple fruit beverages throughout the entire globe; but did you know that these drinks are conceptualized and produced in Scandinavia? With regional offices throughout Asia, Africa, and Europe, this Danish brand is one of leaders of the beverage industry, supplying more than 3.5 billion servings of fruit-based beverages and ice lollys every year.

We had the exciting opportunity to see how Blackbird’s hardware and software solutions help CO-RO’s beverage factory up in Frederikssund, a quiet town in the northern part of Sjælland, Denmark’s capital region. Upon arrival, we were welcomed by CO-RO’s Plant Manager, Dan. After donning the mandatory PPE for visiting the factory floor, we had an extensive tour of their production lines, experiencing the entire bottling and packaging process.

We were able to see in real time the key components of Blackbird’s ability to provide actionable optimization in CO-RO’s manufacturing processes; identification of bottlenecks, and daily automated reporting of the performance of CO-RO’s manufacturing lines. On the factory floor, Dan has our software on display on a huge screen, allowing him to hold daily meetings to identify process optimization activities to further ramp up production while reducing overall waste.

Along with enjoying the experience of visiting a factory that produces more than 1 million beverages per day, it was amazing to see how our Blackbird hardware and software solutions help Co-Ro increase productivity and reduce waste almost immediately upon installation. 
Thanks for having us (and for the complimentary Sun Lollys)!

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