September 21, 2019

Blackbird and Your Future Production Information Needs

This year, the Blackbird team have developed a number of new solutions for the Blackbird family, for the Factbird devices and for many other devices. 

We shared some of them in our previous newsletters, but there are much more ways to serve your future production information needs.

There is so much you can do with data. The Factbird can easily be connected and provide real-time data from your factory, even on old machines with no automation.

The Blackbird gateways can also collect data from your existing automation and the Blackbird Cloud Services brings the data to your smartphone, tablet and PC.


The Blackbird team has a forward look on the opportunities of data. Raw data is very beneficial and can be turned into useful information. Information per shift, per batch, per line, per stop, per week, month and year. If you do it right, you can also use the data for predictions. You can get information that predicts when you no longer follow your plan. You can go back from deviations and find the root cause in the historic data, and you can correct the root cause and do continuous improvements. Information based on data makes it all possible.


In the future you can do much more than that. On your permission, we can start to apply machine learning to your cloud data, which can expand your output of the Blackbird devices even further. Or maybe you want to start adding Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to the data, which can help you get a faster overview of your current situation. Many of these things are already possible and some of our customers are starting to make requests for it.


We will be sharing more about this subject matter in future newsletters, and already today we have customer discussions based on a maturity model for data, which the Blackbird team have developed. You can see it in the figure below.

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