November 26, 2020

New Function (System II): See how each batch and shift is performing by just a few clicks

Is your production running batches or have you planned shifts in the Blackbird system? Do you want to quickly see how each batch/shift is performing? If the answer is yes, you can now track its performance by a few clicks in System II, and jump from one batch or shift to another.

To view a batch’s performance, you normally go into BATCHES page from the navigation menu and select a batch you want to see more details about, then select various analytic icons to see the performance of the batch. There is now a quicker way to get to the information you need/want to show. You can simply choose the batch from the calendar function. This way you get the exact time slot of when the batch was running and see how it performed. You can also jump from batch to batch if you want to compare the performance of multiple batches.

Many industries are running batches, especially within the food and pharma industry, and it is desired to compare batch performance and understand how they can optimize every batch they are running.

The same function is available for your shifts registered in the Blackbird system. If you are having a regular performance meeting and want to see how each shift is performing you can jump from one shift to another by using the calendar function. Either if it is “LIVE” graph, OEE or Analytics you want to show you can easily navigate through the system.

How to use the function:

1.       Click either “LIVE”, “REGISTER STOPS”, “ANALYTICS”, or “OEE”

2.       Click the calendar icon on the time range selection bar

3.       Choose either “RECENT BATCHES” or “SHIFTS” depending on what you like to see

4.       Choose a shift or a batch and click OK 

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