June 15, 2022

Product Highlight: Barcode Reader Solution

High-speed barcode reader solution to automated batch change

We received a request from one of our customers to help remove manual processes as much as possible from their production lines. Manual processes come with extra costs and a higher potential for errors. The customer wanted to automate the batch start-up process on the Blackbird system by using a barcode reader. 

The barcode scanner reads barcodes on the boxes and sends the data to the Blackbird cloud. When a new product is detected, the current batch is stopped automatically and a new one starts. Even smarter, if the product is known by the system the default product parameters will be used, such as the expected speed of the new product is detected and automatically updated on the graph. If the system reads an unknown barcode, it creates the respective product first where the operator can set –up the specific parameters. 

Problem solved! No need to manually start a new batch. This efficiently cuts out operator working time, and there won’t be accumulative errors when starting the batches, or unnecessary stop times.   

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