The manufacturing industry has been undergoing a profound transformation through the digitization of operations and the adoption of data-driven techniques. From the operational team to technical experts, team leaders, and support functions, empowering all teams involved with data has become a key driver for enhancing performance and achieving operational excellence.  People, armed with data, possess Read more

Data-Driven Insights, Human-Driven Impact: Examples of Data Focus and Review Meetings for each team

Maintenance holds a pivotal role in the manufacturing industry, with its impact extending to operational efficiency, equipment reliability, and overall productivity. In a fiercely competitive market, manufacturers cannot afford to overlook the significance of maintenance, as poor strategies can lead to a reduction of a plant’s overall productive capacity by 5 to 20 percent (Deloitte). Read more

Digitalizing Equipment Maintenance by Harnessing the Power of Data

Factories can experience a real challenge when picking software and hardware solutions to serve their production needs. The extensive range of options can overwhelm managers when picking a tailored solution that increases both effectiveness and gives insight into what’s going on with production lines. Not so long ago, relying on ERP systems with manual data entry, Read more

Building a Manufacturing Tech Stack

In this article, we’ll delve into how manufacturers can become digital winners and innovate in the competitive landscape. We’ll share insights from Line Pedersen, Partner and Senior Consultant at Emendo Improvement, an expert in lean improvement.  Lowering costs, increasing quality, and responding to changing customer demands are some of the biggest challenges faced by manufacturers. Those Read more

The Road to Lights-Out Manufacturing: Insights from a Lean Improvement Expert

Swedish Match was able to get their production data quickly. In just half an hour they installed the Blackbird system and was able to see the number of pieces produced and which product is running on the line in real time. The customer can use the Blackbird data to improve the production and see whether the line is reaching their OEE target or not.

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Danfoss UK Site Improves OEE by 20% with Blackbird’s Data Insights and Achieved a 60% Increase in Uptime