Scandi Standard were able to achieve operational excellence quickly and securely thanks to the implementation of the Blackbird solution.How far away is your organization from operational excellence? As the progression towards Industry 4.0 accelerates, manufacturers are quickly realizing how crucial digitalization efforts will be in determining their survival in an ever-changing landscape. Early adopters who Read more

The path to operational excellence with Blackbird

How can digitalization help your organization ensure production quality? Several of our customers have found that using the Control Recipe function to streamline the quality compliance process makes it more efficient and more accurate.Søren Skamris Jeppesen, LEAN Production & Projects Specialist for Swedish Match, a multinational company producing smokeless tobacco and nicotine free products, shared Read more

Process Control digitalized with Control Recipe feature

We were invited by our partner, Omron, to present the Blackbird hardware and software solution at their Roadshow at Copenhagen’s Bella Center.  Omron is one of our key collaborators; with our Factbird Omron Nx1 solution, we use their sensors to help detect, measure, analyze and process the various changes that occur on our customer’s production lines.  To Read more

Blackbird at the Omron Roadshow

We were so excited to have a company trip out to one of our customers, CO-RO, to experience Blackbird’s contribution to their efforts in process optimization in manufacturing!  Sunquick, Sun Lolly, Suntop, and Suncola are staple fruit beverages throughout the entire globe; but did you know that these drinks are conceptualized and produced in Scandinavia? With Read more

Process Optimization in Manufacturing for the Beverage Industry: Blackbird visits CO-RO!