About Us

Who are we?

Blackbird, the Company

Blackbird ApS is a spin-off from emendo consulting group. It all began with the frustration over the cost of installing data collection systems on filling lines at the Danish brewery Royal Unibrew. The consultants in emendo decided to develop better technology. The idea behind Blackbird is to provide products and services which will reduce wasted resources within companies and improve the way people live and work together. Products are developed in-house and inspired by key customers and top graduate students. The company's vision is to positively impact the lives of one million people before 2025. Blackbird system is used globally in more than 25 countries.

The Idea

The Blackbird Story

Monitoring and maintenance of assets and machines in production sites are critical for productivity and efficiency, and these are the keys to staying competitive for any business. We developed a product which can collect production process data from manufacturing lines and show raw data and valuable insights anywhere in real time.

Machines do not talk. We are giving them a voice, so they can tell us how they are doing: How is production running? How much downtime did we have today? How efficient is the production line? What is causing downtime?

“Without data, you are just another person with an opinion” by W. Edwards Deming"

Factbird allows you to make your conclusions fact based.

emendo Group Companies

Blackbird ApS is a spin-off from the consulting company emendo- which specialises in lean manufacturing consultancy. Blackbird is one of the five sister companies in emendo group.