January 1, 2020

User Story – Fact-based Judgement Enables Clear Improvement In Productivity


One of Factbird’s first applications was at Royal Unibrew, where they were facing the problem of a filling line running under capacity with a lot of stops on the line.  There was a perception that if the line speed increased, there would be more stops and thus less output.  

Royal Unibrew installed a Factbird on the filling line. The installation was quick and did not require the line to stop production.  The data showed how many bottles has been produced - minute by minute - how many stops occurred and how long each stop lasted. After collecting data, "present state" was clarified - it was obvious that the line wasn’t running up to its specified speed. After several adjustments, they were able to increase the line speed up to its specified value. It was expected that there would be many more stops at this higher speed - perhaps so many that the total production volume would fall. However, to everyone's surprise, it was shown that, in most cases, the number and the length of the stops were not affected by the increased speed. That is, the collective perception turned out not to be true.

The result was that Unibrew started running the line at maximum speed, and consequently, the output increased.  After this first successful usage of Factbird’s data, continued improvements on the production lines were pursued. 

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