Video makes it so much easier to analyze how production lines stop.

Factbird is often used as a LEAN tool to analyze and improve production processes.

This customer has a packaging line, which consists of various processes with many human interactions to assure stable line operation. The facility is highly automated, but there are many stops that cause downtime and productivity decline. The line operators can only see what happened: “A flow pack often falls off from the conveyor belt and causes jam.” This is missing information about “HOW” the pack falls off the conveyor belt, though there are theories: “Due to the humidity?” “Failure of suction of robot arm?” etc.

This customer introduced Factbird View during a LEAN manufacturing consultancy project. Factbird View’s camera took videos of the line for 24 hours and automatically synchronized with production output data. The customer could see when the line stopped and watch the video of that moment to see “HOW” it happened. This could not have been seen without Factbird View, because the operators cannot stand by the line all-day to catch when it happens, and also because it has happened above the conveyor belt which is in a “hard-to-see area.”

With Factbird View, this customer could efficiently make a precise analysis of the problem, with video images, and improve production processes.