Factbird can replace old production monitoring systems.

Factbird often replaces old systems that are difficult or expensive to maintain. One such example is a major Scandinavian beverage factory that installed 10 Factbirds in early 2016, and by end of the year, they stopped the old legacy system for production monitoring. The old system was ineffective, complicated and could not deliver the insights they needed.

The old system was turned off and Factbird took over the production monitoring. Factbird did more than replicate the old functionality - it significantly expanded the functionality of the production overview for operators as well as for maintenance management and plant management. In fact, it solved complex issues that could not be solved with the old system. It even improved the work environment, because now the operators and the plant management could discuss the same data – the FACTS. The discussions became fact-based, not only opinion based. This is exactly what Factbird is about!

The Factbird installation brought many new functions.
Here are some examples:

  • How many bottles and cans filled
  • Number and duration of line stops
  • Types and statistics of line stops
  • Batch data
  • Team follow up
  • And many more...

Beyond features for production “nerds,” Factbird introduced the standard OEE metrics for Overall Equipment Efficiency:

  • OEE1
  • OEE2
  • OEE3
  • TCU

All these new functions could not easily be added to the old system. But who cares? Now it is gone, anyway...