January 1, 2020

User Story – Supplement Your Old SCADA System With an Add-on Factbird


One of our customers uses Factbird for process surveillance, instead of an old supervision system.

Traditional SCADA (Supervision, Control and Data Acquisition) systems are complex to maintain and upgrade. The customer also wanted mobile access from cellphones and tablets, specifically for the data of a bottlenecked process. Instead of upgrading the SCADA system with a big investment, the customer added a Factbird View to the line. It took only a few hours of installation time that did not involve any programming or software and videos of the process can be watched from the customer’s smartphone.

This simple mobile supervision has been running for a few months beside the old SCADA system, which is still in place, and Factbird has given an overview of the production performance. Factbird may not replace your existing complex IT systems, but it can be a simple supplement that provides all the information you need.

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