July 12, 2017

Blackbird Newsletter July – Realtime Production Monitoring on Smartphones –

Thanks to our wonderful customers all over the world, our solution has been implemented over 12 industries by now, e.g. beverage, food, pharma, packaging, automotive, injection molding etc.  We are now collecting data from more than 100 lines and machines.

We are happy to see so many customers embracing Industry 4.0 and we are here to help no matter how big and how small their organizations are. We continue to develop the technology that offers a shortcut to industry 4.0 to companies in all sizes.
In this newsletter, we are happy to share two of our videos. One is a customer case video: “Baltic packaging made a first step toward data driven management”, and the other is the presentation made by Managing Partner of Blackbird at ICDK conference.

Enjoy reading and enjoy summer (for anyone in North hemisphere) !

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