Data collection system installed on production line [case study]

Stepwise Approach – Install the data collection system one by one. Just as many as needed in each department.

One of the users of Factbird is a manufacturing company that started by installing three units on existing machines to do simple counting on production numbers. The three units of Factbird were shipped over, quickly installed and the data was immediately useful for the plant manager.

Some weeks after, he showed the results to a colleague from the Quality department. The colleague was very impressed with the data curves of his real-time production data - including the production stops and problems. He showed the real-time data on his smartphone. The manager of Quality department also wants to have some Factbirds installed too, to monitor some quality data from the production in real time.

Then, the plant manager and the quality manager were both very happy with the real-time overview they had. One day, they showed the data at a management meeting, and the head of Technical Operations got interested: He would like to have real-time data on the utility consumptions, like the curves from his two colleagues. He installed a couple of Factbirds. Again, the Factbirds were quickly installed - and he was really impressed with the real time data overview. Also the historical data and the availability on his smartphone, not only on his PC.

So Factbird is very scalable both in terms of technology and in terms of organizational usefulness. It is easy to make the first decision and then grow if it makes sense. The company did not have to invest in a complex IT system. They just installed the Factbirds - one by one. Just as many as needed in each department.

A very easy and simple journey but an amazing result for the company because now everyone is reacting on facts. That makes life much easier than discussing based on assumptions and opinions...